Advantages of choosing ANIVI

Turnkey plants

ANIVI designs, manufactures and installs treatment plants, with the best available technology, providing solutions to the needs of our clients.

Customized solutions

ANIVI facilities are adapted to customer specifications. The design of the solution is always adapted to the circumstances of each client.

High performance

ANIVI’s experience in its technologies and the capacity of its staff ensure high-performance solutions and a long useful life.

Maintenance and Service

At ANIVI we make maintenance services available to clients to attend to any incident that may arise in our equipment, always offering the best assistance in the shortest time possible.

Research and Testing Laboratory

ANIVI has a laboratory with suitable test equipment to determine the process variables of the equipment it manufactures.

Pilot plant

For semi-industrial tests, ANIVI has a pilot plant where it is possible to anticipate the results to be obtained in an industrial plant.

Historical Files and References

ANIVI keeps in its archives a documentary register with all its projects carried out to evaluate and compare technical data with new designs and references.


With all these means ANIVI is able to guarantee the best yields and the best benefits of the plants it manufactures.

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