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At ANIVI we provide a quality pre- and post-sale service, focused on offering our clients the maximum performance of their equipment.

ANIVI’s Services

At ANIVI we offer from a traditional maintenance to a complete service. Our clients focus on their core businesses and we take care of their equipment or plant.

Engineering, consulting and other services

ANIVI technicians and engineers have in-depth knowledge of the best available technology, and are capable of advising the client in the decision-making phase of a project, in a change of activity in a plant, or in purchasing processes of auxiliary equipment.


Spare Parts

We supply original spare parts throughout the life cycle of the equipment. We guarantee availability of the pieces so that the plants are at a maximum level of productivity.

Post Sales Service

We respond to possible incidents anywhere in the world in person or remotely. We carry out specific inspections and customized maintenance plans.
We keep equipment at peak performance throughout its useful life. Our preventive maintenance includes periodic reviews to avoid unexpected stops.

Some services that ANIVI can offer:

Process diagnosis
Mechanical, structural inspection ...
Feasibility studies, process engineering and consulting
Adaptation of equipment to new processes and plant transfers
Implementation, performance improvements, emission removals
Our services

Our laboratory is enabled with the latest technological equipment necessary for the treatment of materials in the industrial process.

The application of these technologies allows our team of engineers to tackle industrial processes and thus be able to carry out research projects required by our clients.

In order to provide added value, ANIVI’s industrial testing laboratory provides the required state-of-the-art equipment and the most qualified human resources to provide a quick and reliable response to the client needs.


Discover the Pilot Plant

The pilot plant tests allow us to verify the viability of the processes, and in this way design and optimize the most innovative solutions for our clients.

If you are looking for to improve the quality of your product, increase production volume, or reduce operational costs, ANIVI is the right company for this type of process.

With levels of tests carried out and many working years, ANIVI is a specialist in all types of processes, guaranteeing the requests of our clients at all times.

ANIVI is involved in your process, until you find the most efficient solution, and thus guarantee the correct operation and useful life of the equipment.

Our services

Research and Testing Laboratory

ANIVI has a laboratory with suitable test equipment to determine the process variables of the equipment manufactured.

Pilot plant

For semi-industrial tests, ANIVI has a pilot plant where it is possible to anticipate the results to be obtained in an industrial plant.

Historical Files and References

ANIVI keeps in their files a documentary collection with all its projects carried out to evaluate and compare technical data with new designs and references.


With all these means, ANIVI is able to guarantee the best yields and the best profits of the manufactured plant.

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