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The current technology for the preparation of raw materials for the manufacture of tiles is based on wet technology, the different components are ground together in wet mills ineffectively, since a lot of energy is unnecessarily used in grinding elements of different grindability. Later,they are granulated in an atomizer, equipment that uses large amounts of energy to generate hot gases, as well as generates large amounts of carbon dioxide, causing the greenhouse effect and subject to regulation by the Kyoto protocol.

It is an energy-intensive process

To replace this process, ANIVI proposes two ways:

the semi-dry route, where the materials are ground separately optimizing the operation, they are stored in silos from where they are passed to a wet mixer to proceed with the preparation of the paste that feeds the atomizer, in this process we will optimize the grinding .

The dry way is the same as the previous one but instead of adding water, it is granulated directly in a machine with much less water, if necessary the granules can be dried in a small rotary dryer before going to the press.


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